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The Anguilla Initiative

General Fund

The Anguilla Initiative General Fund


The simplest of the giving options, a donation to the General Fund allows your contribution to be used most flexibly, wherever it is needed most. Since our overhead costs are very low, you can rest assured that nearly 100% of your donation will go directly to a worthy cause. 

Fund Description

The General Fund is the easiest way to donate to the Anguilla Initiative, providing the greatest flexibility to make sure every dollar has a positive impact.


Donations to the General Fund provide a source of unrestricted funds that will be deployed at the discretion of the Anguilla Initiative Board to where they are needed most. Since our operating overhead is very low, your donation will be used to 'top off' the various projects requiring funding to ensure they are fully funded.

Your generosity will directly benefit real, tangible projects on the ground in Anguilla.

Founders Club Membership

Sign up for a donation of $500 or more and become a Founders Club member. 

Founders Club members will receive the Founders Club Coin - a gift that memorializes your special relationship with the island of Anguilla and the people who have carved out a cherished place in your heart. 

Your coin is your pass to other future benefits as well - stay tuned for commercial offers on-island and events for Founders Club members.  

Every time you take it out, you will be reminded of the memories you've made in the past and present in Anguilla, and the pride you have in supporting Anguilla. 

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