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Inspiring Next-generation Solutions to Power Innovative, Resilient Education


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Project Inspire?

Project INSPIRE was developed by The Anguilla Initiative (“TAI”) in partnership with the Anguilla Department of Education (“DoE”) to envision the creation of a national e-learning program to inspire Anguillian children through access to technology. Project INSPIRE builds on work previously done to create a comprehensive e-Learning environment and enable the deep integration of technology into the classroom curriculum, as well as other educational and administrative activities.


Project INSPIRE will provide a device for every student and teacher, an interactive display for each classroom, and other supporting technology infrastructure. The Department of Information Technology & E-Government Services (“DITES”) will be provided a series of IT management tools that enable the scalable oversight of this infrastructure. Additionally, the project seeks to provide the high-quality teacher training and support that is crucial to success, empowering teachers to leverage technology and provide transformational educational experiences to the children of Anguilla. Project INSPIRE will initially launch with a pilot program at Orealia Kelly Primary School in 2022 with plans to expand in future academic years contingent on successful fundraising efforts.


How is Project INSPIRE funded?

Project INSPIRE is funded through The Anguilla Initiative with the generous support of philanthropic foundations and individual donors, in-kind assistance from the Anguilla Department of Education, and a charitable grant from a leading global technology provider.  The Anguilla Initiative will solicit funding for future expansion of Project INSPIRE beyond its initial pilot from individual donors, corporate sponsors, government entities and other non-government organizations.

What is The Anguilla Initiative?

The Anguilla Initiative is a U.S. based non-profit corporation whose mission is to materially improve the quality of life of Anguillans by soliciting contributions to worthy causes that improve the educational, health, or social well-being of the citizens of Anguilla.  Learn more at

How can I contribute to Project INSPIRE?

Financial donations for Project INSPIRE can be made via The Anguilla Initiative which is registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia and is a US-based federally tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Donations can be made via Please note “Project INSPIRE” in the comments section of the donation form.


What school(s) are involved in Project INSPIRE?

The pilot project will launch at Orealia Kelly Primary School during Term 1 of the 2022-2023 academic year.  This school was selected for the pilot based on its size, physical infrastructure needs, and information and communications technology (“ICT “) needs. We anticipate broader implementation of Project INSPIRE to additional schools for the 2023-2024 academic year.  Broader implementation is contingent on demonstrated successes during the pilot and the ability to secure additional funding. 


When did work start on Project INSPIRE?

Significant work for Project INSPIRE has been happening behind the scenes since late 2020. Over the past 18 months, The Anguilla Initiative and the Anguilla Department of Education have worked collaboratively to identify the pilot school, establish infrastructure and technology needs, hire additional personnel to enable the Anguilla Department of Information Technology and E-Government Services (DITES) to support the program, create performance assessment plans for teachers and student, secure initial funding, and acquire equipment.   In the coming months, Project INSPIRE will focus on equipping teachers with the tools and training to effectively integrate technology into the classroom and preparing the student devices for distribution during Term 1.   


What infrastructure is provided through Project INSPIRE?

In order to support Project INSPIRE, electrical and connectivity enhancements will be added to Orealia Kelly Primary School.  Additional wi-fi capabilities have already been installed and new electrical wiring to support interactive classroom displays and teacher and student devices will be installed over the summer break.  Project INSPIRE has also funded a new position at the Department of Information Technology and E-Government Services (DITES) to support the program.


What type of technology is included in Project INSPIRE?

Technology enhancements included in Project INSPIRE are focused on the classroom, teachers, and students. Each classroom will have an interactive display (Promethean board) to support the incorporation of technology into the classroom, and smart displays have been purchased for all remedial learning rooms as well.  Additionally, storage & charging carts, HDMI cables, power strips, and charging capabilities will be added to each classroom. For the pilot at Orealia Kelly Primary School, teachers will receive an upgraded Lenovo 14-inch laptop designed for high performance as well as a 27-inch desktop monitor.  Students will receive a Lenovo 14-inch device designed to accommodate student demands.  Supporting software systems will be included on teacher and student devices. 

When will students receive their devices?

The Department of Education intends to commence the Pilot program alongside the 2022-2023 academic year in September. At that time, students will receive their devices.  While we are hopeful the devices will be available at the start of the term in September, worldwide supply chain and shipping issues may result in distribution later in the term.


How will students learn to use and care for the devices?

The Anguilla Department of Education will provide educational resources on the use and care of the devices.  Teachers will be instrumental in the learning process; parents will be critical in ensuring students exhibit appropriate care for these valuable technology devices.  While many students are already familiar with electronic devices, use and care will be tremendously important since the devices ultimately belong to the Anguilla Department of Education.  Strict guidelines will be in place and all students will be required to practice good digital citizenship in their use of the device. 


What happens if a student loses or damages a device?

Students, parents, guardians, and all family members will be critical in ensuring students exhibit appropriate care for these valuable technology devices.  Parents/guardians and students will receive a written agreement that must be signed and returned prior to the student taking possession of the device.


How will teachers incorporate technology into the classroom?

Project INSPIRE is focused on providing teachers enhanced tools and resources to appropriately integrate technology into the classroom with a long-term goal of improving the Anguillian educational pedagogy through the enhanced use of technology.  It is not desired that devices diminish or replace teachers.  Instead, the goal is to support teachers through ongoing professional development opportunities that result in purposeful, collaborative student learning experiences. 


How will the broader program be funded?

Funding for the pilot project at Orealia Kelly Primary School has been provided by The Anguilla Initiative.  Securing funding for the expanded program, to include all schools across Anguilla, is a significant undertaking which has already begun.    Additional financial donors will be needed.  Interested individuals, organizations, or government entities & non-government organizations may contact Mr. Andreas Hunn, Founder & President, The Anguilla Initiative at


How will Project INSPIRE measure success?

A comprehensive Performance Evaluation Plan with numerous methods of data collection will be used to gather objective and subjective data on technology use, familiarity, and access before, during, and after the 2022-2023 academic year.  Data collection activities will primarily focus on teachers and students with supporting activities involving parents and administrators.  Data will be obtained via self-reported surveys, focus groups, existing and new administrative data points, and other reporting activities.

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