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Friday, June 17, 2022



Pilot Project at Orealia Kelly Primary School will Deliver Comprehensive Digital Toolset and Teacher Training to Foster an Integrated Learning Environment

The Valley – Earlier today the Ministry and Department of Education joined with the Anguilla Initiative, a US-based 501(c)(3) non-profit, to announce the launch of Project INSPIRE.  Developed by The Anguilla Initiative in collaboration with the Anguilla Department of Education, and in development for over 18 months, Project INSPIRE attempts to address the need for a national e-learning program that enables integration of digital technology throughout the curriculum, and ultimately inspires Anguillian children through their access to technology.


Since its early inception, Project INSPIRE has been focused on creation of a comprehensive, 3-pronged strategy to maximize the likelihood of success:

  1. Procurement of the necessary technology – state of the art devices for each teacher and student, interactive displays for every classroom, upgraded network infrastructure, and acquisition of software tools to simplify and scale IT management.

  2. Creation of an enhanced Professional Development Plan for teachers, incorporating both Caribbean-based technology training tools, as well as vendor-based training and best practice sessions.

  3. Development of a rigorous Performance Evaluation Plan, which crucially centers on the ability to understand benefits brought by Project INSPIRE over time, and which will involve numerous key stakeholders: Parents, Teachers, Students, and Administration.

Project INSPIRE will initially launch with a pilot program at Orealia Kelly Primary School, anticipated to commence with the 2022-2023 academic year. The partners endeavor to expand Project INSPIRE to additional schools in subsequent academic years contingent on successful fundraising efforts for the rollout.

Honorable Minister Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers expressed gratitude to The Anguilla Initiative for working in close partnership with a cross-functional leadership group including department, ICT, and DITES  leadership. In her comments, the Hon. Minister remarked that “Project INSPIRE will better equip our primary schools starting with the OKPS, its teachers and staff with the ability to provide transformational and engaging educational experiences to their students through technology.  This pilot will provide us with best practices and advance troubleshooting so that further roll outs of the project are effective and without hiccup. The Government of Anguilla looks forward to continuing in partnership with The Anguilla Initiative to secure the additional funding necessary to expand this programme.”


Mr. Andreas Hunn, Founder/President of the Anguilla Initiative, spoke of his fondness for Anguilla, cultivated through numerous trips to the island.  “Anguilla is an incredibly special place. As we have grown to know and love Anguilla, I created The Anguilla Initiative to give back to this wonderful country and its people for all the incredible experiences Anguilla has given me and my family.”  As a technology entrepreneur by profession, Mr. Hunn emphasized that while Project INSPIRE has a strong focus on technology and supporting infrastructure, he highlighted the holistic nature of the program, such as its support for teachers through ongoing professional development to drive purposeful, collaborative student learning experiences. 


The launch of the project at Orealia Kelly Primary School represents the pilot phase of Project INSPIRE.  It is anticipated that additional schools will be added to the program in future academic years.  Broader implementation is contingent on demonstrated successes during the pilot and the ability to secure additional funding.  More information about Project INSPIRE is available in the 'Frequently Asked Questions' document.




About the Anguilla Department of Education: The Department of Education is the Government of Anguilla’s arm tasked with managing and overseeing the education system in Anguilla. Its mission is “Raising Standards for Sustainable National Development”.


About The Anguilla Initiative:  The Anguilla Initiative is a U.S. based non-profit corporation whose mission is to materially improve the quality of life of Anguillans by soliciting contributions to worthy causes that improve the educational, health, or social well-being of the citizens of Anguilla.  Learn more at

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