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Arijah Children's Foundation


Project Summary

Fund a desperately needed Preschool Support Teacher, enabling a preschool aged child with special needs to attend a local preschool for an entire school year.

(Note: To support the growth of TAI Hurricane Relief Fund, 10% of all donations will be allocated to the Hurricane Relief Fund)

Project Description

The social and educational benefits of having an integrated classroom including both special needs and typically developing children are proven - both groups benefit greatly from the experience. 

Preschools in Anguilla do not normally admit children with significant special needs. However, Arijah Children's Foundation has formed a partnership with a local preschool to accept special needs children, provided that a Preschool Support Teacher is on hand as well. 

The goal of this project is to fund this Preschool Support Teacher for the entire 2020 school year - ensuring a rich learning and socialization experience for both the special needs and typically developing children at the school. 

Founders Club Membership


Sign up for a donation of $500 or more and become a Founders Club member. 

Every time you take it out, you will be reminded of the memories you've made in the past and present in Anguilla, and the pride you have in supporting Anguilla. 

Founders Club members will receive the Founders Club Coin - a gift that memorializes your special relationship with the island of Anguilla and the people who have carved out a cherished place in your heart. 

Your coin is your pass to other future benefits as well - stay tuned for commercial offers on-island and events for Founders Club members.  

About Arijah Children's Foundation​

The mission of the Arijah Children’s Foundation is to serve persons in Anguilla with special needs focused on providing them the opportunity  to achieve their greatest potential. 


Historically, the Foundation served primarily children from the age of birth onwards.  As these children grow to become youth and adults, the Foundation is committed to serving them throughout their lives and thus we currently serve children and youth.

Founded in 2006, Arijah Foundation is named after Arijah, a 15 year old girl born with a genetic condition affecting her mental and physical development.  Born in Anguilla, Arijah's family struggled to learn how to care for a child with special needs, as the island does not have an advanced support structure for special needs children. 

Arijah's family formed a non-profit organization in her name to serve people living with special needs in Anguilla.  The Arijah Foundation also opened the Blossom Centre in 2010 as a place from which to provide services to help persons with special needs. 

In December of 2018, the Foundation opened Blossom Shop, a 'thriftique' in which donated items are resold to raise funds for job skills training and employment opportunities for youth with special needs.  

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