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JC Recreational Centre


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Project Summary

Fund a large tent that allows JC Recreational Centre to get back to providing its afterschool youth, elderly, and community programs. 

(Note: To support the growth of our Hurricane Relief Fund, 10% of all donations will be allocated to the Hurricane Relief Fund)

Project Description

JCRC has functioned as the only covered Rec Centre since its founding in 2007. Sadly, Hurricane Irma tore off the roofing, reducing the useability of its outdoor space.


Installing a large tent (50 foot x 90 foot) on a semi-permanent basis will take advantage of the large concrete surface area already existent to support JCRC's youth and social programs for all sectors of Anguillian society. The semi-permanence of a tent structure will allow it to be disassembled in the event of future hurricane threat. 

The goal of this project is to restore the services JCRC has provided in the past as a covered venue, and expand on these activities for the benefit of youth, elderly and the community at large. 

Founders Club Membership

Sign up for a donation of $500 or more and become a Founders Club member. 

Every time you take it out, you will be reminded of the memories you've made in the past and present in Anguilla, and the pride you have in supporting Anguilla. 

Founders Club members will receive the Founders Club Coin - a gift that memorializes your special relationship with the island of Anguilla and the people who have carved out a cherished place in your heart. 

Your coin is your pass to other future benefits as well - stay tuned for commercial offers on-island and events for Founders Club members.  

About JC Recreational Centre​

Founded in 2007, the mission of JCRC is to direct and harness childrens' energies into positive channels, such as organized sports and tutoring sessions, to facilitate and enhance social development. JCRC has expanded its mission further to focus on the interests of the elderly and other community wellbeing activities. 

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