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Project Summary

Fund the re-construction of a large viewing platform, walking trail, and interpretative materials on East End Pond Conservation Area, allowing this ​ nationally protected wetlands to be restored in support of its important educational programs and wildlife viewing benefits. 

(Note: To support the growth of our Hurricane Relief Fund, 10% of all donations will be allocated to the Hurricane Relief Fund)

Project Description

East End Pond Conservation Area, Anguilla's only nationally protected wetlands, has been used by Anguilla National Trust since 2001 to drive wetlands educational programs, as well as support eco-tourism as a standout bird and wildlife photography site. 

Unfortunately, two existing gazebos providing shaded areas for learning and bird-watching were completely destroyed by Hurricane Irma in 2017. 

Though East End Pond's primary use today is in support of outdoor educational programs and nature photography, the pond historically served as an important fresh water source for the East End community for drinking and washing. 

This project will involve the construction of a larger, on-water viewing platform to allow ANT to resume its important educational programs and wildlife viewing experiences. The program will also include development of a trail, interpretative education materials to provide valuable context on the site, and revegetation activities to bolster shoreline protection. 

Founders Club Membership

Sign up for a donation of $500 or more and become a Founders Club member. 

Every time you take it out, you will be reminded of the memories you've made in the past and present in Anguilla, and the pride you have in supporting Anguilla. 

Founders Club members will receive the Founders Club Coin - a gift that memorializes your special relationship with the island of Anguilla and the people who have carved out a cherished place in your heart. 

Your coin is your pass to other future benefits as well - stay tuned for commercial offers on-island and events for Founders Club members.  

About Anguilla National Trust​

Established in 1988, ANT began operating as a formal organization with a mandate to protect, preserve, and conserve Anguilla's natural, cultural, and constructed heritage, with a primary focus on managing lands and property of significance to the nation.


29 years later, the Anguilla National Trust seeks to be a leader in promoting, supporting, and enabling sustainable development in Anguilla; committed to the conservation of Anguilla’s natural and cultural heritage, while promoting and supporting environmental and cultural stewardship.

Anguilla National Trust focuses on five main work programmes: wetlands and terrestrial conservation; marine and coastal conservation; protected areas management; culture and heritage; and public awareness, education, and stewardship.

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