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Improving the Lives of Anguillans, One Project At a Time

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Anguilla is small in size, measuring only 16 miles long by 3 miles wide. But where the island is small, the impact of this modest country on those who visit Anguilla is profound. 

To experience Anguilla's stunning natural beauty, and to encounter the kindness of the native Anguillan people (or "Belongers") leads to memories and relationships that last a lifetime.


At the Anguilla Initiative, we know firsthand what a special place Anguilla holds in the hearts of its guests, who after their first visit, invariably return year after year to experience this paradise anew.


The Anguilla Initiative is focused on giving back to this wonderful country and its people in exchange for all the incredible, unforgettable experiences, relationships, and memories that it has given to us. 


The mission of the Anguilla Initiative is simple: To materially improve the quality of life of native Anguillans by soliciting contributions to worthy causes that improve the educational, health, or social well-being of the citizens of Anguilla. More specifically, The Anguilla Initiative seeks to provide charitable contributions that will focus on projects supporting any of the following:

  • Programs providing social and other assistance to the elderly ​

  • Programs focused on improving the health and welfare of Anguillans​
  • Programs that fund educational facilities and materials
  • Programs centered on protecting Anguilla's pristine natural environment and cultural heritage

While no donation is too small to be significant, the Anguilla Initiative will be focused on solicitation of donations from those affluent repeat visitors who think of Anguilla as their personal paradise, and will work with local charities to identify projects where we can have a meaningful impact. 


A fact of life in the Caribbean is that new weather events that affect Anguilla will inevitably come. 

We are focused on establishing an evergreen (i.e. 'always on') hurricane relief fund to gather funds from now until the next major weather event so they can be deployed when they are needed most - immediately after the event.


Sometimes you just want to put your money to work as quickly as possible.


TAI General Fund provides unrestricted funds that are distributed at the discretion of the Anguilla Initiative Board to whichever project or purpose needs them most.  


The Anguilla Initiative will select specific projects of focus, in partnership with local Government or nonprofit organizations on the ground as the focus of fundraising activities. Let's put the money where it matters most. 

3 Ways to Donate 

Who We Are
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The Anguilla Initiative was started by Andy and Cris Hunn and Bill and Jen Tyrrell, two American couples from Leesburg, Virginia.


Andy is a longtime veteran of the technology startup world, and Cris stays incredibly busy as a full-time mom taking care of their two wonderful children, Claudia and Henner, and their dog Zeus, as well as volunteering in the local community.


Bill is an accomplished veterinarian specializing in cardiology and operating a prominent 13-office practice throughout the US, and Jen is a former marketing professional who now stays busy orchestrating the lives of their two daughters, Avery and Ella, three Maine Coon cats (Chianti, Dani, & Serafina) and two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (Henry & Violet).


Shortly after Andy & Cris first visited Anguilla in 2014, they enticed the Tyrrell’s to visit, and the rest is history, as both families have become regular annual visitors to the island.


The Hunns & Tyrrells have fallen deeply in love with Anguilla, and hope to leave a small mark on the island with these efforts.

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