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"Tech Education for a Tech Generation"


Project INSPIRE was developed by the Anguilla Initiative in partnership with the Anguilla Department of Education to envision the creation of a national e-learning program to inspire Anguillian children through access to technology. Project INSPIRE builds on work previously started by the Department of Education in 2019, prior to COVID, to create a comprehensive e-Learning environment and enable the deep integration of technology into the classroom curriculum, as well as other educational and administrative activities.

In late 2020, the Anguilla Initiative connected with DoE, who educated us about the state of digital learning in Anguilla. At that time, we came to learn of the challenges that the existing ICT program faced, due to COVID, and due to funding challenges. Only 100 devices for 2,500 students. All Anguillian students were still physically attending school while we globally awaited a vaccine, and many students attempted to attend lessons and complete homework remotely while sharing a device with their siblings.

We, together, began to wonder what a comprehensive national e-learning program would look like. We thought holistically about what would be needed, built a business case and financial plan to bring to donors.

Through the support of a small number of incredibly generous donors, and after over 18 months of work, Project INSPIRE is the result. We begin with a pilot at one of Anguilla's largest primary schools with the commencement of the 2022-2023 school year. Based upon our success there, we will undertake fundraising to continue our rollout across Anguilla's 6 remaining primary schools, as well as the large secondary schools which serves students. 

What is Project INSPIRE?

Project INSPIRE begins as a Pilot at the Orealia Kelly Primary School in the Valley. Through this Pilot, we will provide a device for every student and teacher, an interactive display for each classroom, and other supporting technology infrastructure. The Department of Information Technology & E-Government Services (“DITES”) will be provided a series of IT management tools that enable the scalable oversight of this infrastructure. Additionally, the project seeks to provide the high-quality teacher training and support that is crucial to success, empowering teachers to leverage technology and provide transformational educational experiences to the children of Anguilla. 

To learn more, please see the press release and FAQ's from our recent announcent event in June, 2022. 

What's Next? How Can I Help? 

Project INSPIRE's Pilot is being funded through the generous support of philanthropic foundations and individual donors, in-kind assistance from the Anguilla Department of Education, and a charitable grant from a leading global technology provider. 


To expand beyond this initial pilot, we need your help.


The Anguilla Initiative will solicit funding for future expansion of Project INSPIRE beyond its initial pilot from individual donors, corporate sponsors, government entities and other non-government organizations.

Securing funding for the expanded program, to include all schools across Anguilla, is a significant undertaking which has already begun. Additional financial donors will be needed. 


Please donate below. Interested individuals, organizations, or government & non-government organizations may also contact Mr. Andreas Hunn at


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